Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorite October Read Alouds

 Mrs. Parker is having a linky party about favorite books to read in October.  You know I had to join in the fun!  I love seasonal books!  Here are my picks for October.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'll Take a Physical Challenge

 My students have a science test next week so we played a review game on Friday.  I wanted to spice it up a bit so I took a hint from the old show Double Dare.  After dividing my students in two teams, we went outside to the playground.  We followed a typical review game format (I asked one person from a team a question from our study guide, if they got it right they get a point.  If they did not the question went to the other team).  Here was the twist, if the person I called on did not know the answer they could take a physical challenge.  If they took one, the whole team would have to run to the picnic benches, or do twenty jumping jacks, or do fifteen arm circles.  They kids loved it!! I did limit the number of physical challenges they could use so we did get in some science review.  It was a great way to use some of the energy that makes them wiggle so much in the afternoons!