Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mulitplication Number Necklaces

Wow! I can not believe it has been over a month since I blogged!  October was crazy but hopefully I can get back on my blogging schedule.  I had someone ask how to use number necklaces with mulitplication facts.  I would write a problem without the answer on the index card (7x6=).  The students would have to figure out their fact and then get in order from least to greatest based on their product.  For example 6x6 would come before 7x9 because 36 is greater than 63.  This would require students to practice two skills at once!  You could also do this with divison facts, addition facts, and subtraction facts. 
  We have been doing graphing in math this week which one of my favorite things to do! Of course I bought the fun size M&Ms and we graphed the colors in our bags.  This year I had the students make a table first and then take the table and turn it into a bar graph.  I did this because on our state testing most of the graphing is done this way. 
  I hope you all have a short week like we do!