Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Boxes:Yes or No?

I don't know about y'all (yep. I said it. Y'all. I am Southern), but at the end of the year I get in super planning mode.  I keep thinking about all the things I want to do this summer and I want to start them all RIGHT NOW.  I am trying to keep calm and focus on what I need to do-which is back up my entire classroom in preparation for my move down the hall, finish all my end of the year paperwork, and enjoy my kids. 
  That being said, I am considering doing book boxes or book bins next year for my kids.  The room I am moving to is a bit smaller (ok a lot smaller) than my current room and there will not be a lot of storage for students.  My thoughts were to get those book bins or boxes and have students keep their current reading selections in there along with their reading journal, reading folder, and perhaps writing folders.  I have never done book boxes before so I am looking for input.
  My questions to you:
  Have you used book boxes before and how did it go?
What did students keep in them?
What kind works best?  The cardboard or should I spring from the plastic ones?

  Thanks for any input you can give.  I know we are all busy and exhausted but not too much longer!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 More Days!!

We only have four more days with our kids! I am excited and a bit sad.  Right now we are making class memory books which the kids loved.  We had our Edward Tulane celebration yesterday complete with bunny cake. I have never seen more excited kids then I did when I showed them that cake!
   A couple of updates and ideas:

1.  I am making a PowerPoint of our year to show during our class party.  I have tried to take pictures throughout the year of all our activities.  Hopefully it will turn out cute.

2.  I am still not sure what grade I will be teaching next year.  Getting a bit nervous over here!

3.  The Wizard- I have been studying for National Boards (the test is in two hours and here I am-procrastinating til the end) and I came across a lot of great ideas.  One is called The Wizard.  You ask students a question and they practice looking back in their text to find it.  The first student that answer correctly gets to be the next Wizard and ask a question and then pass on the title of The Wizard.  Wish i had known about that this year!

Off to do some last minute studying (and praying) before Boards.  Wish me luck!