Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 More Days!!

We only have four more days with our kids! I am excited and a bit sad.  Right now we are making class memory books which the kids loved.  We had our Edward Tulane celebration yesterday complete with bunny cake. I have never seen more excited kids then I did when I showed them that cake!
   A couple of updates and ideas:

1.  I am making a PowerPoint of our year to show during our class party.  I have tried to take pictures throughout the year of all our activities.  Hopefully it will turn out cute.

2.  I am still not sure what grade I will be teaching next year.  Getting a bit nervous over here!

3.  The Wizard- I have been studying for National Boards (the test is in two hours and here I am-procrastinating til the end) and I came across a lot of great ideas.  One is called The Wizard.  You ask students a question and they practice looking back in their text to find it.  The first student that answer correctly gets to be the next Wizard and ask a question and then pass on the title of The Wizard.  Wish i had known about that this year!

Off to do some last minute studying (and praying) before Boards.  Wish me luck!


  1. OH....we finished Edward Tulane 2 weeks ago....a cake could have been wonderful....I didn't think of that:( What else did you do with that? Anything? I would love ideas for next year:) ooopss....I just saw it on you labels list....going to check it out now!!

    4th Grade Frolics