Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Egg Fun

If you are like me (and most other teachers on the planet), you can't resist all the holiday goodies at Wal-Mart and Target.  I stock up on plastic Easter Eggs every year and half  the time don't end up using them.  Here are some ideas for using those neon plastic eggs!

1.  Egg Fractions: Put a handful of colorful candy like skittles, jellybeans, or M&Ms in each egg.  You can hide them or simply hand them out to your kids.  The kids will write fractions for each color of candy in their egg!

2. Follow the same plan as above but have students graph their colors!

3. For primary grades, they can simply count all their candy and write a sentence using a number word.

4.  Put different exciting verbs and adjectives in the eggs.  Students have to write sentences using the words in their eggs.

5.  The last one is not so educational and also the one I am currently using in my class.  I wrote a bunch of fun activities and prizes on slips of paper and put one inside each egg.  Each day, a student opens the egg and we do whatever is inside.  Some of the things I put in my eggs were: No homework,  chocolate for everyone, skittles of everyone, 10 minutes of drawing time, let's play hangman, mad libs (great for practicing parts of speech!), story time, favorite math games, etc.  My kids have loved it so far! You should have heard the cheering when they opened the egg with no homework yesterday!