Sunday, February 12, 2012

Na Na Na Na FACT MAN!!

 I have been telling my students since August how important it is to know your basic math facts by heart! Apparently every teacher at my school has too and we haven't gotten through to our kids.  Fact Man to the rescue! Our amazing Title One teacher, Mrs. Edwards, dressed up as Fact Man on Friday.  You never knew when Fact Man would rush into the room and ask a student a math fact! When a kid got one right they got a piece of candy.  My kids were delighted by this fun way to encourage fact fluency.  Fact Man will be making more visits to our school soon.  Perhaps he can stop by your school as well! Check it out!

Fact Man's cape was decorated with math symbols and words

My kids watching Fact Man


  1. HA! That's awesome. Sure wish Fact Man would make a trip to my school ;)

    Runde's Room

  2. That is absolutely adorable! What a fun way to encourage. :)

  3. Haa haa! That is so cute! What a great way to engage the kids :)

    Your newest follower,

    Teaching in Room 6