Friday, August 17, 2012

My Completed Classroom!!!!

Hello All!
  I have been very busy the past few weeks finishing up my classroom, attending workshops, and trying to enjoy the last bit of summer.  School starts on Monday and I am super excited and stressed.  I met some of my new kiddos at Meet the Teacher Night last night.  Third graders are a lot smaller than what I am used to! I think I have a great group and some very supportive parents!  Here are the last pictures from my classroom makeover.

My super cute door.  Thanks to Brooke and Kim for helping me!

My "Classicot Award" Wall that I got from One Extra Degree
Inside the cabinet I have stored copy paper, lined paper, extra textbooks and extra workbooks.  There is also a built in filing cabinet inside.  In one drawer, I will keep the student's graded papers after they have been signed.  I will keep graded benchmark assessments in the second drawer.
This is the back wall of the room.  I have my calendar up.  The empty bulletin board will be for novel study and author study.  I plan on putting my reading vocab words and concept webs on the white board as well.

This is my library center.  I have baskets for different genres, authors, and series.  Each book is labeled for AR.  Every book also has a dot sticker on the front that matches the basket in which the book belongs.  I got my super cute genre posters from One Extra Degree (can you tell I buy all her stuff or what?!)
This is a big view of this wall.  I have shelves running along almost the entire wall.  I have picture books in baskets on these shelves as well as baskets of clipboards and dry erase boards.  Their textbooks are currently stored there until I pass them out next week.  I also have a lot of the math manipulatives stored in plastic bins as well.

A close up of my math journal basket.  I have one just like it for reading journals.

A close-up.  Their book boxes are on this counter.  I have students turn in their work in the drawers.  I have one labeled for centers, one for math, and one for science and social studies.
The front of my classroom.  My math wall is still a work in progress! I have a little desk where my laptop and Elmo are located.  I love that desk because I can store my teacher editions that I am currently using and any over head manipulatives right there.
My bookshelf with TEs, binders, leveled readers, and personal picture books.

A wide shot of the classroom and my small group area.

My classroom helpers and clipchart.  The students will store their data binders in the stacked crates by the door.

I hope to post my plans for my first few days this weekend.  Wishing everyone a restful weekend!


  1. Your school does AR too? How do you help students who just aren't motivated?? Or the ones who are soo far behind their goal?

  2. ALSO - your classroom looks wonderful! :)

  3. Your room looks great. I'm your newest follower!
    Third Grade All Stars

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