Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adverbs and Adjectives

We have been studying adjectives and adverbs in 4th grade the past few weeks.  My 4th grade teammate currently has a student teacher, Kasey, and she came up with this wonderful idea.  She wrote a different adjective on ten index cards and a different adverb on ten index cards.  Then she mixed them up and passed one out to each of the twenty students in the class.  The students had to decide if their word was an adjective or an adverb.  Next they had to find a partner with the opposite part of speech.  Once they had their partner, they came up to the teacher and told them who had the adverb and which one had the adjective.  The teacher then handed the kids a sentence strip on which they were to write a sentence using their adverb and adjective.  They also were asked to write the adverb in red and the adjective in blue.  As soon as everyone had finished, they read the sentences as a class and talked about the parts of speech.  I did this with my kids and they really enjoyed finding a partner and coming up with their sentences.  Some students will need more guidance than others so you will need to circulate and confer with students.  You could also leave out the color coding part of this activity and have the students identify the adverbs and adjectives in each other's sentences. Hope you enjoy this grammar activity!


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