Monday, May 23, 2011

Class T-Shirts

My 4th grade team decided that we wanted to do some kind of t-shirt project for our kids as an end of the school year gift.  At first we were going to tie-dye but then decided that would be a lot of work for us and not as much for the kids.  Not to mention not wanting to send home sixty something kids with tie-dyed hands and clothes.  In the end, we decided to order a white t-shirt for each of our kids (click here for the site we used).  We sent home a letter asking about sizes before we ordered.  Then we bought fabric paint in a variety of colors and had each student put a hand print on their classmates' shirts.  The teacher hand print went over the heart! After they were dry, we used paint pens to write the year and our school initials over the teacher handprint.  Once the shirts were dry, we bagged them in clear plastic bags and tied them with purple (our school color) ribbon. We also found a cute end of the year poem to attach to the bag.  Check out more end of the year poems here.  We plan to give them out this week and have all the students were them on our class party day.
Jonah's shirt

Finished bags

Helpful Hints:
  *Paint the kids' hands- don't dip them
   *spread a long piece of butcher paper across your floor and spread the shirts out
* have kids pick one color and go down the line
*my kids worked in pairs- on painted the hand and held the paint plate while their partner did their handprint
*Don't wear your favorite shirt on painting day!

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