Saturday, May 28, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition

Friday was our unofficial last day of school.  We had 5th grade graduation and Kindergarten Celebration last week and we ended the week with our class parties.  After a long weekend, we will have two make-up days from snow (yes, snow in Alabama!) and a teacher work day.  Since most of the students will not return next week, I already started taking stuff down because I am completely changing my room this summer. When I got my first classroom three summers ago, I decorated it with lime green, white, and black polka dots with some hot pink accents and loved it.  After three years- the lime green has to go! So I went out and bought all new decor- dots on chocolate.  In addition to changing the color scheme of my room,  I also want to rearrange it to make it more open and kid friendly.  I am posting some pictures of what my room looked like Friday morning (a bit messy due to end the year and ok I am a bit messy).  My desks and tables will be moved out into the hall for floor waxing this weekend and I will be able to start changing it up (hopefully) when I get there Tuesday morning. I will keep you updated as a go this summer.  If you have any ideas ideas or suggestions please please let me know!!


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