Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hats for Hope

Thank you again for all your support.  Several people have asked how they can help us here in Alabama. One way to help is by collecting and sending clothes and supplies. If you are able to do this let me know-I am still working out some details on this.  For those of you who live farther away, donations to the Red Cross would be very helpful.  When the hurricane hit Haiti, our students did a fundraiser called Hats for Haiti.  Students were able to to pay one dollar and wear a hat all day.  Our students thought wearing a hat in class was so much fun and most families could donate a dollar.  I have made a poster for you to post in your school and a note to send home with the students.  We did this for two Fridays and then donated the money we collected.  Another way to help is by simply having your students make cards.  You can send cards to the address below and I will make sure they are taken to schools in the heavily hit areas.  Thanks again! I promise I will post a new idea tomorrow-this tragic event and those affected by it have been my main focus. 

Katie Coleman
4600 Hazelwood  Road
Adamsville, AL 35213

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  1. We will be making the cards next week and I posted about this in my blog too :)