Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Candymakers and Giveaway

I read a really good children's novel written by Wendy Mass called The Candymakers.  It is a about four kids in a contest to create the next big candy.  It is told from the perspective of all for kids and using beautiful descriptive language.  I hope to use this book with my class next year so I have started creating a teaching unit on it.  It would be a  great text for teaching writing as well as connecting to math and science.  The only item I have created so far is a Candymakers Board game.  You can get this on my TpT store. 

  In other news, Mrs. Owens has reached 50 followers! She is having a giveaway for a Target gift card. Head on over and check it out! Her blog has great ideas for 4th grade.

It is stormy outside so I am going to cuddle up with a book! Have a great night.


  1. As I was reading your blog I thought it was interesting that you said "it's stormy outside." It's storming at my house too. I checked out your profile and what do you know-- we're both from Birmingham. It's always fun to find someone in bloggy land that lives close by :)
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  2. Very glad I stumbled upon your blog! I've been looking for some upper elementary inspiration! I teach 5th... Come check me out!