Friday, June 3, 2011

What a Difference A Day (or two) Makes!

My classroom makeover continues! I was able to put all my furniture back in my classroom Wednesday morning.  I gave away a big table that was taking up too much room and gathering stacks of stuff.  I had already decided where my green cubbies where going as well as my computer table. My amazing 4th grade team mate, Brooke, helped me place all the student desks in groups.  For some reason I can never get these angled in the right way!  I have started cleaning and organizing. I got rid of a whole cart of stuff that I was not using and pulled down most of the old fabric that I am replacing this summer.  I will not be back out to the school for another two weeks (eek!!) because I am going to an amazing math workshop with my friend Michelle.  Here are some pictures of the updates.  It looks kind of cluttered because the chairs are up on the desks.  I am going to hunt for low priced storage containers this weekend.
I will be putting fabric after some of the storage units in the back of the room.

My computers will go on this table and desk.


  1. It is looking good Katie! I am moving rooms this summer too! I can't wait to begin the process!

  2. Have fun and good luck Amanda! Post Pictures!