Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running For Lucy

I have been blessed with two older sisters that support and inspire me on a daily basis.  My sister Sara has an incredibly big (and tender) heart.  She came across a family's blog a few months ago that has deeply affected her.  This blog follows a family's fight to help their daughter Lucy battle brain cancer and maintain a happy home for their other two children.  My sister has two young (and amazingly cute and sweet) kids of her own and this has made Lucy's story even more powerful for her.  Sara  and her awesome hubby have decided to run in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in December to raise money and support for Lucy.  If you are interested in donating money through the St. Jude Memphis Marathon then click here to see my sister's site for this.  If you want to read more about Lucy and her family check out their blog.  Please keep Lucy in your hearts and prayers!

This is what my beautiful sister wrote about running for Lucy:

"I am running for all the children battling cancer and life threatening diseases. I am running for all the families in which hospital stays and sickness have become a part of their daily lives and medical terminology a part of their vocabulary. I am running for the nurses, doctors, and researchers who dedicate their lives to care and treat for these children and search endlessly for ways to defeat cancer.

I am running for Lucy. A five year old girl battling medullablastoma, and aggressive form of brain cancer. I am running and praying for God to heal Sweet Lucy."


  1. How precious your sister is!! I will also be praying for Lucy and healing. Thanks for sharing.

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. WOW-- My thoughts and prayers go out to Lucy and her family. High Five to you and your sister's family for getting involved and doing something!

    Primary Connections