Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Classroom Makeover

Last summer I completely redecorated my classroom-new curtains, new colors, new borders, new everything.  Looks like I have a another classroom makeover ahead of me this summer.  Since I am moving to 3rd grade, I am also moving to a new room.  This room was a kindergarten room last year and is a lot smaller than my old room.  I have no idea where to put all my books! I took some pictures of my new room on the last day of school and I am sharing them below.  Stay tuned as I work out my organization and decorations over the summer! Any and all suggestions and ideas are welcome as usual!
All the decorations on the wall belong to the Kindergarten teacher who is moving down the hall.
Green walls and a yellow floor-yikes!

Those are some of my books and supplies that I moved in on the last day of school.

I am thinking of doing a reading focus wall to the right of the Promethean Board and possibly my Mountain Math to the left.

Whopps a bit blurry.  Two big storage units!!

Those bins go underneath the counter.  I plan on putting my computer on the counter and my kidney table in front of the counter.  I am not going to have a teacher desk this year.  Mine always collects junk and I never use it. 


  1. Congrats on moving to 3rd grade. Are you excited? You will be perfect for them because you already know everything they need to know for 4th grade. I'm sure the new classroom feels daunting now, but I know you will make it look adorable. I can't wait to see what you come up with. ~ Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

  2. Suggeston on where to put your books, I am going to have limited Space also. So, I am going to organize my books and rotate them every 6-9 weeks