Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiction Friday!

One of my favorite bloggy friends is hosting a great new series called Fiction Friday! Amanda's goal is to share great new (or old) fiction for kids.  My Amazon list is growing every week! Head over to the Teaching Thief and get some great suggestions.

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My first pick is Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.  This is a picture book for kids of all ages (including grown-ups)!  This is a cute story about a boy whose kite gets stuck in a tree and his unique way of getting it "unstuck."  Love this one!

Dear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead, But...

I first heard this book when my co-operating teacher during student teaching was reading it aloud to her 4th graders.  I read it aloud to my class for the first time and they loved it.  This is the story of a young boy named Marty.  Marty is really close to his Gramps who just moved to a nursing home.  In this story, Marty deals with this big change in his life by writing letters to dead people.  It gets really interesting when they start writing back!
*Note: This book is out of print but it can be purchased used for $0.01 at Amazon!


  1. I haven't heard of either-both look like choices with a lot of possibilities when it comes to activities to go along with it. Thanks for sharing them!


  2. Yay! Thanks for linking up and sharing these great books. Stuck looks like a great book. I'm already imagining the discussion on problem solving that will follow. I LOVE the title Dear Napoleon, I Know Your Dead, But... That is awesome! What a fun way to introduce letter writing in your classroom. Both are going on my list which is growing at a pretty remarkable rate. Happy reading!

    The Teaching Thief
    Fiction Friday: A Celebration of Children’s Literature

  3. I found your cute blog from the link up! Thanks for sharing these books.

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. Hi Katie! I am also participating in the Fiction Friday series hosted by Amanda, a 3rd grade teacher, and your newest follower! I look forward to seeing how you like teaching 3rd grade.
    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

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