Monday, August 8, 2011

Supporting A Friend

When I graduated college and began looking for my first teaching job I had certain schools in mind (as I am sure every fresh new teacher does).  God had other plans for me.  The school that offered me my first job was not at all what I had pictured for myself but was exactly what I needed.  The people I met helped me become the teacher I am today.  The kids needed me and I love them! God also knew what he was doing when he placed Michelle at my school during my second year of teaching.  My Principal said she thought we would hit it off and gave her my contact info.  I helped Michelle out some during her first semester but it was not until a trip to Christmas Village that we became good friends (due to our intense desire to sample every single food item there haha).  Since then we have bonded over our love of reality TV, Justin Bieber (don't judge), funny You Tube videos, and of course teaching.  This past March, Michelle told me that she would be leaving after the school year (her second year teaching with me).  Not only was she leaving- she was going to move to Turkey and teach and spread the Lord's word! Wow! So many emotions.  I was so so sad that I would not be able to sit in her room every day after school and laugh about the school day.  I was proud of her for taking such a huge risk.  I was scared for her too.  Michelle has been overseas many times before with mission trips and felt the Lord calling her to do more.  So in just nine short days, she will leave for Turkey for two years! Luckily she will be teaching 4th grade so I have been making her CDs of all my files and emailing her non-stop.  I am so glad that I will be able to support her not just with my prayers and the small donations I can afford on my teacher salary but also with my ideas and knowledge from teaching 4th grade for the past 3 years.  Michelle will be teaching 4th grade at an international Christian school where she will not only teach the 4th grade standards but she will teach a love of Christ.  She will get a small salary but she needs to raise support to cover the cost of living and some of her school materials.  You can visit her blog here to follow her adventures! You can also find information on how to support her during the next two years.  Please keep my dear, sweet friend in your prayers!


  1. Hi Katie! I'm so glad the book on reading journals has been helpful. I'm excited to start using it this year too. Crossing my fingers that I can get my kids to produce some of these stellar responses featured in the book. If you find any other resources, please pass them my way. :) ~Amanda
    The Teaching Thief

  2. Katie you made me cry :( I will definitely miss you very very much, but yay for blogs and e-mails that will help us still be able to teach together!! Love you so much, and SO thankful for you!

  3. Hi Katie! I would love some advice on data notebooks if you have a spare moment. Hop on over to my blog post/plea for help. :) ~Amanda
    Data Notebook Help