Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Whisperer Chapter Four

I am running a little behind with my Book Whisperer posts! I am loving loving loving this book!  Here are my thoughts on chapter 4.
Discussion Questions:
1) How do you plan to give your students reading freedom? 
I plan on letting my students choose their own books from our classroom library during the first days of school and continue to check them out all year.  I want to build independent reading into my daily routine and model when to take out your book and read.  My students will also have library class once a week with our new school librarian, Mrs. Harp.
2) What are your favourite reading lessons to start the school year with?

I typically begin my school year with classroom library procedures and how we choose books.  This year I want to do some of the inner voice lessons from Strategies that Work and the Comprehension Toolkit.  I also love the idea of the reading salad from Comprehension Connections.
3) What would your genre requirement look like? Why would you pick these genres?

I got a wonderful resources from Mrs. Runde- her 30 Book Challenge!  I tweaked the genre requirements she had come up with based on my classroom library and what I have observed from past students and here they are:

      2 Poetry Anthologies

      2 Fiction

     2 Historical Fiction

    5 Realistic Fiction

      3 Fantasy

      2 Mystery

      4 Informational

     2 Biography

         8 Your Choice

4) As we are half way through The Book Whisperer what goals have you made for your reading program for this coming school year? This year I want to have more student led discussions about books.  I want them to talk about books they like or don't like, recommend books for each other, and learn to talk about themseleves as readers.  I plan on doing this by conferring with students about the books they are reading and hosting book talk afternoons.  I will have to set up clear expectations and model but I think it will def. be worth it!


  1. We did Strategies that Work for our PD over the last two years. It was so great and informative! I'm glad to now know all the strategies to implement them fully in my classroom from the beginning of the year.

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  2. I have already read Comprehension Connections (in 1 day on my kindle-loved it!) and am currently reading Strategies That Work. I can't wait to begin my reading mini-lessons this year! :)