Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clip Chart and Teaching Rules

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately.  I am head of our student committee at school and we have been writing a new school wide discipline plan.  We read the wonderful book Setting Limits in the Classroom and we are applying those ideas to the Clip Chart.  I am so excited about our new plan and our hard work.  A few of my wonderful co-workers made a Clip Chart for every teacher in our school using a cute font from Lettering Delights. 

My school uses data notebooks for our students to record their homework, learning and behavior goals, and their progress.  Every day our students will color in a box on a calendar to tell their parents where they ended up on the behavior chart.  We wanted to include a color copy of the clip chart in our data notebooks so that parents knew what each color meant.  I got to thinking and that is a lot of color ink! So I thought what if the students colored their own Clip Charts to put in their data notebooks.  I typed up a quick form and I am including it below!
  I have also been thinking a lot of how we teach rules and procedures.  My school decided on three rules: be respectful, be resourceful, and be responsible.  During the first week of school, the students and teachers will work together to define these rules.  Here is what I am thinking of doing: I want to start by having students think about why we have rules- why we have rules in sports, at home, on the roads, at school, etc.  Then we will talk about the importance of following rules (to keep us safe, help us learn) and introduce our three rules.  I want to give students sticky notes and have them write down some rules they think will be important for our classroom.  Then they will stick their notes under the general rule.  Later in the week, I want each child to write and illustrate a page about one of our rules.  I might give them a template like "One of our rules is....  This rule means... I can practice this rule by..."  Then I will put all their pages together in a book.  This book can either go in our classroom library or in our time out area for students to look over while they are in isolation.  We will also do a lot of role playing and modeling with our rules and procedures. Wow this post is super long!! I hope my ideas were helpful!



  1. Love the three simple school rules. We use a self-manager program with 7 virtues at my school and it's a lot to remember, especially for the young kids. I like how simple and effective those 3 rules are.

    Also, I noticed you mentioned data notebooks. Is your school a Leader in Me school? My campus went to training this summer and we are going to begin transitioning this year. I was just curious and if so, any advice for a new school or favorite activities for the 7 habits?

    Following your blog now. Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda @

  2. I love this idea! I'm student teaching in fourth grade this semester so I just made one of my own :)

  3. Katie! I love that you guys are making a school wide clip chart system! I am a kindergarten teacher and created clip chart software that matches what you are already using in the classroom. There is instant data tracking, online forms and easy communication between Admin and teachers! I would love to set you and your school up with a free two month trial! Check it out at and email me back at colormydaykids@gmail.
    Kristin from Color My Day