Thursday, July 7, 2011


I do not know if I have told you this but I have the most amazing Mom in the world.  Not only is she my friend, the giver of advice, my partner in crime and silly, my biggest fan- she is also incredibly generous with her time! When I decided to change my classroom decor this summer,  she knew what that meant. Yep it was time to bring out the sewing machine again.  The summer before my first year, she sewed lime green and pink curtains and cubby coverings.  This summer we found several very cute fabrics that match my Dots on Chocolate color scheme.  All the fabrics are from Hobby Lobby (they have started putting out their fall and Christmas stuff by the way). We spent yesterday in my classroom sewing and hanging my new curtains.  I still have some more projects to go in my classroom makeover and six library baskets to finish.  My co-worker, Brooke, has given me a deadline of August 1st! Here's hoping I make it!
Sewing in my classroom!
Hanging the curtains

Small window

Big Window
         Storage- I think we are going to take down the solid print panels and replace them with         more of the ones with the print edge.

Close up


  1. So cute!! Can I borrow your mom in a few weeks?! teehee:) I can't believe your in your classroom already...I would love to get in the last week of July but usually can't if it hasn't been deep cleaned...(custodians don't like teachers that come back early:( )

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. How cute!! Love the color scheme. What a blessing your mom is to you! :-)

  3. Great. Lovely color and gels in with your interior