Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Wanted!

Hello! I must admit that I am totally exhausted as I am writing this post.  After being sick at the start of the week and spending two long days at school working-whew! Members of my faculty meet yesterday to decide on a new school wide discipline plan.  Thanks to the recent linky party at Miss Kindergarten's site- we have decided to use the Clip Chart.  We will be modifying this to include the 7 Habits of Happy Kids since we are a Leader in Me school.  Today we turned an empty classroom into a teacher work room.  We put all the copy machines, Riso machine, poster makers, etc. in one room set up a great work space.  It will be so great to have all our supplies and equipment in one place! I have made some more progress in my room so check back for pictures soon!
   I do need some help from all of you in bloggy land. One of our first grade teachers has taken on a new challenge- being the school librarian or "media specialist" as they call it now.  She loves checking out blogs and was wondering if there are any library or media center blogs.  Anyone have any links for us?

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  1. OHHH you have to check these ones out! I just got offered a short-term position at her school! Lafayette School Library Site and Reading Road Trip Blog and Lafayette Library Poetry Blog Tell her I sent you!
    Miss B, Busy Bee